Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology (QNLM), as the organizer both of the Global Ocean Summit 2018 and Global Ocean Summit 2016, is a hitherto unique national laboratory, launched in 2015 with Professor, Lixin Wu, Fellow of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as its director.To be a comprehensive, world-class marine science institution, QNLM pools innovative resources and teams for original research, to boost the nation's capacity for innovation and to take the lead in marine science and technology. Jointly supported by national and local governments, QNLM focuses on basic and applied research, and especially the development of cutting-edge technology. The research areas cover ocean dynamics and climate change, marine life processes and bioresource utilization, benthic processes and mineral resources, evolution and protection of marine ecological environments, extreme environments and resources in deep sea and polar oceans, and marine technologies and equipment. It has launched one of the fastest marine research computers, created a research vessel sharing system including the manned submersible Jiaolong. Sticking to the principles of openness, mobility, collaboration, and sharing, as part of its internationalization strategy, QNLM vigorously advances the construction of global collaborative innovation network. In cooperation with Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), QNLM has established the Centre for Southern Hemisphere Oceans Research (CSHOR) to collaborate on southern hemisphere oceans and Antarctic observation and research. To respond to the many challenges facing ocean science today, QNLM actively participates in building the international network for cooperation and exchange, holding the Global Ocean Summit to promote the sharing of knowledge, experience, and infrastructure. Please check the website for more information about QNLM.



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