QNLM and AAAS Signs Strategic Cooperation MOU

Date: 2018-01-04        Browse the number :1074

On Sep. 1st, 2017, Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology (referred to as QNLM hereafter) and American Association for the Advancement of Science (referred to as AAAS hereafter) singed the “QNLM –AAAS Strategic Cooperation MOU” at QNLM. Academician Lixin WU, QNLM Director and Mr. Bill Moran, Publisher of Science Family of Journals, singed the MOU on behalf of the two sides. Participants for the Signing Ceremony include Researcher Zhimeng ZHUANG, Deputy Director of QNLM, Academician Rixiang ZHU, QNLM Chief Scientist of“Aoshan Talent" Program, Dr. Jinbo YANG, Director of QNLM Innovation Center for Marine Drugs Screening and Evaluating, and representatives from QNLM Department of International Affairs, Department of Strategic Planning, Department of Planning and Coordinating for Scientific Activities and Department of Public Relations as well as delegates from Science Beijing Office.

In his remarks at the signing ceremony, Academician Lixin WU noted that QNLM focuses on international cutting-edge research with orientation towards national goals. He pointed out that QNLM is committed to exploring and strengthening forward-looking, cutting-edge, primary and integrated scientific innovation in key research areas, major S&T missions and mega-science programs. Academician WU stressed that QNLM has attached great significance to its cooperation with Science. Science Family of Journals carries great influence and authoritativeness among the global academia, enjoying international reputation. As its sponsor and publisher, AAAS is the world’s biggest multidisciplinary science society. It plays a significant role in promoting global research and engineering technological application innovation. Academician WU expressed his hope that the two parties will work together to better facilitate the development of marine science and marine-related industry. He expected that the two parties could take this opportunity to foster comprehensive and in-depth cooperation, thus jointly contributing to the development of global marine science and technology.

Mr. Bill Moran noted in his remarks that it’s a great delight to cooperate with QNLM. He hoped that built on the basis of this signed MOU, the two parties would embrace more extensive cooperation, in areas of issuing joint journal, co-organizing academic workshops, and delivering training courses for paper publishing to help QNLM in publishing research results on Science and other top journals, etc. According to Mr. Moran, as a non-profit organization, AAAS is dedicated to boosting the advancement of science, with special emphasis attached to communication with young students. Mr. Moran expressed that given the two parties’ passion for science, they would pursue more cooperative opportunities in the next step. During media interview, Mr. Bill Moran noted that science respects no boundaries. He told the media that though many people consider the journal Science as the top contribution made by AAAS, yet as the world’s biggest multi-disciplinary science society, AAAS concentrates on facilitating academic activities, driving science advancement and catalyzing research results innovation.

QNLM is China’s first marine institution that signed Strategic Cooperation MOU with AAAS. The two parties signed this MOU to facilitate their cooperation in joint journal issuance, international meetings and workshops co-organizing, international marine prize setting, and overseas talents recruitment.

Established in 1848, AAAS is the world’s biggest multidisciplinary science society. With nearly 250 associations and research institutions incorporated, AAAS provides service for over 10 million members. As a non-profit organization, AAAS opens to the whole society. It strives to realize its mission of advancing science and serving the society through its efforts in scientific policies, international programs, scientific education and other areas. AAAS is the sponsor and publisher of Science Family of Journals. The journal Science was established by Thomas Edison in 1880 and became the official journal of AAAS. Besides, Science Family of Journals includes other five journals, i.e. “Science Translational Medicine”, “Science Signaling”, “Science Advances”, “Science Robotics”, and “Science Immunology”